Can Dan Pule bounce back?

IT IS uncommon,perhaps unheard of, in Zambia for a political party president to avoid running the presidential race in a general election but instead opt to contest as a parliamentary candidate.This is the choice that Christian Democratic Party (CDP) president Daniel Pule, who is contesting the Bangweulu seat in the August 12 general elections, has made.Dr Pule is competing against Patriotic Front (PF)’s Anthony Kasandwe and six others.Bangweulu (where the water meets the sky) constituency covers an area to the south of Lake Bangweulu, including the town of Samfya in Luapula Province.If he wins the Bangweulu seat on August 12, Dr Pule will get a third opportunity to serve the people of Samfya in Parliament, having previously served two five-year terms under the MMD government. The pastor -cum-politician was first elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Bangweulu in 1991 and went on to secure a second term in the 1996 polls. Before him, the Bwangweulu seat in the National Assembly was held by UNIP’s Joseph Kasongo from 1983 to 1991. Mr Kasongo bounced back on the Bangweulu seat in 2001 as an independent member.When he crossed over to the PF , Mr Kasongo retained the seat in the 2006 polls.Thereafter, he passed the baton to Chifita Matafwali (PF), who was ushered in as MP in the 201 1 polls that saw the PF get the reins of power from the MMD government. One year shy completing his five-year term as an MP , Mr Matafwali died at the age of 55 while under going a kidney transplant in Jehangir Hospital,India, on May 20, 2015. He was replaced by Anthony Kasandwe of the PF through a by-election.Who is Dr Dan Pule, the cleric who is seeking CLICK TO READ MORE

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