Letter to the Editor

Calling women for 2021 elections

A STRONG call to all the women with political ambitions out there to start preparing for the 2021 general elections. We want to see a minimum of 50 percent in terms of women parliamentary/local government candidates from all the major political parties.
After the 2021 elections, our Parliament/councils should have at least 50 percent women representation.
Zambia is a signatory to the SADC protocol on gender balance and equal representation.
It is my prayer that all those vocal and prominent women’s lobby groups in our society would immediately begin to galvanise the women to get involved and participate in the general elections at all levels.
Please, women, for once, start working together and go and help men in Parliament to make laws that would benefit and protect our children and the generations to come.
Kudos to Vice-president Mrs Inonge Mutukwa Wina for setting an example of great leadership and opening the door for all those brave goal-getters out there.

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