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Businessman in court over iron sheets



A BUSINESSMAN of Lusaka has been taken to court for allegedly collecting close to K1 million from 36 people whom he allegedly cheated that he had iron sheets for sale but did not deliver them. Amon Ngala, 39, of Makeni Bonaventure, is facing 39 counts of obtaining money by false pretences.
On October 8 last year in Lusaka, with intent to defraud, Ngala allegedly obtained K2,087 from a man only identified as Patrick by pretending that he had iron sheets for sale yet he did not have them. In the second count, it is alleged that on October 7 last year, Ngala got K4,473 from James Kwasa.
In the third count, on October 12 last year, the accused allegedly obtained K7,732 from Lara Phiri under the pretext of selling iron sheets. It is alleged in the fourth count that on the same date, Ngala got K12,978 from Martha Lungu on the same pretext of supplying iron sheets. In the fifth count on September 8 last year, Ngala, with intent to deceive, collected K51,553 from Ali Imiran by pretending that he had iron sheets for sale. In the rest of the counts, Ngala is accused of getting money from other victims in amounts ranging from K1,000 to over K58,000. The case was called before Lusaka resident magistrate Dominic Makalicha and it was allocated to another magistrate before CLICK TO READ MORE

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