Business intelligence in education sector

THIS world offers many joys, fortunes and stars; some claimed after battles, others from mere effort yet nothing beats the joy of being a parent both in this world and the next.Children are not just a mere product of basic biology and a sign of what became of two parents that were in love but rather a force of nature that can become futuristic beneficial or a cause of sinister and grave pain in society.Mere parenting has proven to be good in raising children but this has failed in moulding leaders;which is what this generation needs in its premature state.If I may backtrack to the methods old, our parents taught and mentored us to go to school,get employed then marry, have kids and finally retire: this was life’s full circle in their noble eyes,which I respect and I thank them for their effort – God bless them.To be complacent is to allow this trend to continue destining this nation to near doom both logically and in the economic circles. Three things can be an answer to our financial salvation only if they are psychologically planted in our children’s minds from a very tender age.These are:. Introducing entrepreneurship from pre-school all the way to high school. Introducing entrepreneurship clubs in primary, secondary schools and tertiary institutions.. Resuscitating the former national service training into entrepreneurship training.Our education system needs to collaborate with business intelligence experts in orchestrating an entrepreneurship curriculum for children in preschool tender enough for them to learn the principles of buying and selling.The graduation of grades later moulds them to grasp products and services which they may choose to indulge in with increase of age and understanding. This shall cultivate the urge and want in them to become entrepreneurs by starting small.Homework in this regard would mean parents taking part in the research and appraising of principles of entrepreneurship because it is the only discipline of education whose techniques and stratagem evolves each second; meaning any principle that works in business can be an answer to a child’s homework.The parents need to ensure that they also research more on the basic form of entrepreneurship innovation that their child seems interested in so as to help him or her succeed with an air of assumed importance each time because confidence is the seed needing planting when parenting.Entrepreneurship clubs in primary, high schools and tertiary should not be formed because it is mandatory rather out of necessity.This is may be seen as a diversion from normal routine class and learning obligation because pupilteacher interaction shall be more established compared to class times where children have minimal input to the parameters of a lesson and the outcomes of an exam.Teachers would be allowed to invite different business proprietors offering various products and services to speak to the children in the schools and share the curves and principles of entrepreneurship from how they started to date.These clubs shall make the school children exercise foresight as well as keep the appearance of a number of business screens and
opportunities.These clubs should help the school children to each find a business calling that he or she can invest in for probable success.After the school children have identified and the school and the parents needs to help the child patent and protect his or her innovation and basic ingenuity as well as help advance it in any way possible.In the post-independence era the UNIP government introduced the Zambia National Service,which trained all school graduates in military discipline and combat before enrolment in university.This meant that each person during that time was a soldier and if war broke out, eighty percent of the population would defend this country and win.Now if the same method is born and this time empowers all graduates with business intelligence before getting into tertiary that
would mean eighty percent of the population are entrepreneurs and only 10 percent would work for the government and even if the two percent go into politics, balance would be restored. This country needs more of entrepreneurs than any other professionals to move forward because every profession is a probable entrepreneur apart from politics.If this country has more entrepreneurs, we can dominate this continent economically and become a global economic powerhouse.We need the National Service
of that time to be brought back as the entrepreneurship service; the Zambia National Service that exists can be left undisturbed because they are a national necessity as provided in the constitution so we need them but the national programme under the national service for training militants under the UNIP government needs to be restored but this time they need to train entrepreneurs not soldiers.The author is a Mongu entrepreneur.

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