Letter to the Editor

Bumper harvest benefitting consumers

Dear editor,
THE bumper harvest Zambia recorded during the 2016/2017 farming season has led to reduction in the price of mealie-meal, our staple food.

This decline in mealie-meal prices has greatly benefited the final consumers because they can now buy the commodity at affordable prices.
Prior to the maize harvest, the price of the commodity skyrocketed, selling above K100 in some provinces like in Copperbelt Province, for instance. In Lusaka, the commodity fetched between K85 and K90.
The high prices of the commodity made it impossible for the majority Zambians to afford buying it. This impacted negatively on people’s consumption level of our staple food.
However, the bumper harvest has reduced the price of the commodity, which is now fetching between K55 and K70. This makes economic sense. All things being equal, the prices are expected to reduce further as more maize is being offloaded on the market; supply outstrips demand, which entails deflation.
Favourable rainfall patterns which prevailed across the country and early distribution of seeds and farm inputs such as fertiliser contributed to the bumper harvest. In addition, the good government policies on agriculture have also contributed to the bumper harvest.
The harvest is timely and is benefitting consumers through reduced prices.

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