Building of solar mills kicks off in Mansa

Solar Milling Plant.

GOVERNMENT has started constructing 15 solar plants in Mansa district under the presidential solar milling plant initiative.

Mansa district commissioner Royd Chakaba said in an interview yesterday that the project will create over 120 jobs at construction stage.
Mr Chakaba said the contractors have since moved on site, and that the project will be completed soon.
He said installing of the milling plants is aimed at reducing the price of mealie-meal.
“I am glad to announce that contractors are now on site, and the milling plants will be completed soon,”Mr Chakaba said.
He said the project will also provide employment to cooperatives and households within the catchment area where milling plants will be set.
Mr Chakaba said about 20 households in the district will be solar powered.
He said once the milling plants are in place, over 1,000 jobs will be created for the local people.
Mr Chakaba said Government is committed to deliver to the expectations of people.
He said it is unfortunate that some people in the district doubted that the project would commence.


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