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Budding gospel singer counsels youths

A BUDDING gospel singer has urged the youth to discover their talent and use it to promote morals in society.
James Mofya, 24, of Lusaka West but born and bred in Serenje town, Central Province, says unemployed youths like him should also try to use their talent to earn a living.
In an interview with the Weekend Mail, Mofya, who sings a rare combination of gospel and kalindula music, pledged to sing songs that will promote morals in society.
“I urge youths who are not employed like me to discover their talent and use it to promote morals and to earn a living out of it [talent]…it’s better to use music or any other gifts to earn a living than stealing from people,” Mofya, who dropped out of primary school owing to the lack of financial sponsorship, said.
The soloist, who recently moved from Serenje to the capital Lusaka to develop his singing career, explains that he has composed seven songs, all in vernacular, which he intends to take to the studio once he gets financial support.
“I have so far composed seven gospel and social commentary songs among them Muli Bamaka Yaweh, Pa Chalo Ufwile Waichefya, Tuchenjele Ba Bayo Naba Tata, Indalama Watemwa, Natotela Mwe Lesa Wandi and Unagwila Kamwana Kang’ono,” the musician, who sings and plays guitar at church gatherings and on the streets, said.
The second-born in a family of nine is appealing for financial support so that he can record his seven songs and “God willing” release an album.
“I’m currently using a borrowed guitar but with help from well-wishers, I intend to buy my own. I am also appealing for financial help for me to record my seven songs so that I can release and sell the album…it is better for me to ask for help than acquire money by engaging in activities which can lead me in conflict with the law,” the former Kanona Basic School pupil said.

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