Bright’s future with Mainess shining

How We Met with SILUMESI MALUMO, Lusaka
EVEN after going through harsh times at the hands of his in-laws, Bright Tembo believed that Mainess Nalavwe would make a good wife.
Bright, 27, a journalist by profession and an employee of Muvi Television was not intimidated by the threats from his in-laws but remained focused because he knew that Mainess, 25, now Mrs Tembo, would be his wife.
Bright met the love of his life in Mandevu township in Lusaka after returning from school in Zimba district of Southern Province.
This happened in 2009 when Bright was doing his Grade Nine at Zimba high school while his wife was in Grade Seven at Justine Kabwe Primary School in Mandevu.
The two lived in same neighborhood in Mandevu.
Bright said after returning from Zimba when the schools closed, he saw a girl in the neighborhood who stole his heart.
But even after having interest in the young girl, Bright could not approach her for the fear of being harassed.
He struck a friendship with Mainess with the aim of later proposing love to her.
The chance for Bright to propose love to her came when there was water challenges in Mandevu area.
It was around 21hours when both were sent by their parents to fetch water at a nearby kiosk. That time Bright managed to propose love to and Mainess accepted.
Bright said he got attracted to Mainess because of her calmness, quietness and very understanding.
He said it is very important to be with someone who is very understanding because even in times of trouble she can able to endure.
Mainess, a business lady, never thought that Bright had interest in her because she considered him to be a mere friend.
Mainess said she only started liking Bright because he was a very responsible man and she was convinced that he will be able to manage a home.
She said Bright being a responsible man attracted her most, therefore, decided to try whether the relationship would work.
It was the first time Mainess was committing herself into a relationship when she accepted Bright’s proposal.
“That time I was young and I didn’t know about being committed in a relationship. And moreover he was just a friend so I didn’t even know that he had other intentions about me.
“I was close to him as a friend. I was young and all I thought of was playing whether with boys or my fellow girls. But I made a try when he proposed to me to see if I can commit myself in a relationship,” she said.
Bright said even after proposing love to Mainess, he did not want it to be a serious relationship because had another girl at Zimba high school.
But the relationship became stronger and when he returned to school in Zimba, he would call her on his mother’s phone.
“I was so close to mum and whatever I used to do I used to tell her. Because I had fallen in love with this beautiful lady, I would call on mum’s phone to talk to her. I didn’t believe I had really fallen in love because I wasn’t for the idea,” he said.
Bright said things started to be sour after completing his secondary education in 2011 when one of Mainess’s elder sisters was uncomfortable with their relationship.
The elder sister wanted her younger sister to settle for Bright’s best friend because she thought that he had a bright future.
Bright said the move which Mainess’s elder sister opted for did not work out and later she accepted that the couple was meant to be.
Bright believed that Mainess was the love of his life after going through that situation at the hands of her sister.
He also said that Mainess supported him especially in hard times when he went to Evelyn Hone College to pursue journalism studies in 2013.
Bright said he had challenges to pay his tuition fees but she encouraged him to continue working hard and believed that things would change one day.
While he was a student at Evelyn Hone College, Bright was privileged to have a job at Muvi Television and he was able to raise tuition fees.
In 2015, he graduated from Evelyn Hone College and Mainess completed her secondary education and they got married in August the same year.
The couple is now living a happily life and they have a one-year-old son.
Maines said she has found the love of her life and a best friend.
Mainess said she is happy that she is married to a man who brings joy to her at all time.
The couple advises those who want to get married to ensure that they know who they are dating because marriage is a lifertime commitment.
The couple said it is unreasonable to be attracted by beauty and divorce after a few months.
The couple said knowing each other’s weaknesses and strengths is also cardinal in marriage as it enables to know how to handle the other.

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