Letter to the Editor

Bread of Life thief deserves jail sentence

Dear editor,
A LOT has been said about the jailing of Bread of Life Church International member Peter Simfukwe, who was recently sentenced to six months imprisonment for stealing K200 from the church offering.
Some people welcomed the move of having him sentenced by the Magistrate’s Court. Others opposed the jailing of the congregant whom they said deserved pardoning.
Before delving into the matter, we all know that stealing is both an offence and a sin. Furthermore, the offence of theft, like any other, is punishable by law. After being found guilty, Peter in his defence justified his action by stating that he stole the said amount because he was hungry. In my considered view, many congregants steal church money and properties with impunity.
For whatever reason, the person steals. The culprit upon being convicted in the courts of law should serve the jail sentence the judge deems fit. This would deter the would-be offenders particularly those in the habit of stealing church money be it offering or otherwise.
In my foregone conclusion, Mr Simfukwe deserves the jail sentence slapped on him. The issue of whether to pardon him or not depends entirely on the decision of the Bread of Life Church leadership.

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