Letter to the Editor

Bravo Tutwa Ngulube for rising against illegal land allocation

Dear editor,
ILLEGAL land allocation in Zambia has been going on for decades due to poor leadership in most local councils. Credit must be given to Kabwe Central member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube, who has reported the Kabwe Municipal Council to the local Government ministry over allegations of illegal land distribution.
Kabwe town is the nearest Provincial Headquarter to the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka, but the town has the lowest development growth as compared to other towns. Corruption is the biggest barrier to development in Kabwe.
We have the same people owning most of the land in town when a lot of residents who can bring development are deprived.
The battle started by Tutwa Ngulube is a battle for all well-meaning Zambians. Let us bring sanity in our towns.

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