Letter to the Editor

Bravo to Chongwe Council for demolishing illegal structures

Dear editor,
BRAVO to Chongwe District Council for moving swiftly on Monday night (October 18, 2016) to demolish illegal structures at the bus stop just after the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport roundabout on Great East Road. Kudos to the council for embracing ‘Murambatsvina’ (no to filth) and not bowing to politics of expedience which have led to the mushrooming of slums.
The slums we have are choking enough and so please, don’t allow any further spread of these eyesores.
I am sure that the law-breakers who woke up to a rude shock this morning have learnt a lesson.I am hopeful that minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Jean Kapata will also be tough against illegal land allocation and that this will serve as a warning to other would be law breakers.
Silverest, Chongwe

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