Brandina: A shining star

BRANDINA as the only African and black woman at the Face of Beauty International Pageant in Asia.

Sunday Profile:
BRANDINA Lubuli, 21, is one of the young people who have been recognised by Vice- President Inonge Wina for contributing to the development of the country in different ways.

She was born on February 9, 1996 and raised by a single parent, Annie Lubuli, after losing her father when she was in grade two.
Brandina appeared on the scene in the world of modelling last year when she won the Face of Beauty International in Asia as first runner up, beating 60 countries.
Her way to the international contest was paved by her local victories.
Brandina scooped local pageants such as Miss Tourism personality, Miss Culture Zambia, Miss True Image Zambia, Miss Evelyn Hone as first princess, Miss All Schools Copperbelt and Miss Kantanshi High School.
“I turned out to be the first black and African to win the Face of Beauty International, including the Commonwealth International contest in the United Kingdom were I came out first out of 53 countries,” she says.
Brandina also contested in Japan were she scooped the Miss Zambia Japan tourism ambassador certificate.
“I currently serve as brand ambassador of Tourism and Arts in Zambia, ambassador for Foreign Affairs, Shoprite Zambia, Zambezi Jewels and Panasonic beauty,” she says.
Brandina’s modelling career did not stop her from pursuing academic studies as she in July, 2017 graduated at Evelyn Hone College with a Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology, and she is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration at the National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA).
With her love for charity work, Brandina has launched a foundation called ‘Brandina Lubuli Foundation’ whose focus is to nurture young people with various talents into individuals who will contribute to the development of the nation.
Those that do a good job are graduated and given certificates to start using their skills and talents to the fullest potential.
Her contribution to the country’s development has not gone unnoticed as Mrs Wina awarded her a certificate of recognition recently.
Mrs Wina stated that Brandina is one of the young people doing remarkable things in society.
Brandina says the award has encouraged her to work even harder and fight to fly the Zambian flag higher.
She has, however, taken another decision of getting married at 21.
“At age 21, I feel it is one stage where people get to explore, yet I decided to settle down knowing that my goals and priorities are already set and determination remains my key to success in all things I do in life,” Brandina says.
Asked on whether she has any fears that marriage will limit her since her modelling career involves travelling the world, Brandina says she believes her marriage will not have any effect on her ambitions because she has settled with a man, Stanley Chiyabi, who is 100 percent supportive.
“And being a model I have no fears at all of the fact that having children may change my body structure. I for one know how to work around with my body so I easily lose or maintain weight,” she says.
She sees her body as a blessing from God because despite hardly working out, it still remains in shape.
“Just like last year, with Face of Beauty International, apart from being crowned first runner up out of 60 countries, I got the best in swim wear and body, so it is one of those things I look at as a blessing,” Brandina adds.
She however, recognises that she may need to tone down a little considering the fact that she is now a married woman and this comes with responsibilities, but she will continue to represent Zambia, time after time.
“I have dated with my husband for four years and in my activities as ambassador, he has always supported me, so everyone knows him. Even throughout the process of dating, I was always in contact with him unlike most models who hide that they are seeing someone for fear of missing out on opportunities,” Brandina says.
She says a life of pretence is what causes most models to be taken advantage of and in the end they regret their decisions.
For her, making her man known to every one she works with has helped her earn respect from people as anyone with intentions does not even get to say a thing because they know she is committed.
“It adds respect from the community, society and the world at large to know that you are settled. What would it gain me if I had riches, wealth and have it all but lose out on the man I love. At the end of the day, I am still an achiever, a goal getter and nothing will change that with my determination and moral standards,” Brandina adds.
She says two heads are better than one and being married will even make her become a better person.
Brandina says “I feel every model has their own brand but it is high time I changed the rules and step up because being married does not mean killing a modelling career”.
She owes all her success to God and is working towards getting rid of the perception that there is no decency among models by proving that morally upright ones exist.
Brandina has pledged to remain focused and be a role model to young people in Zambia by continuing to be patriotic and contributing to the development of the country.

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