Brace for heavy rains

THE Zambia Meteorological Department (ZMD) has warned that the country is expected to have heavy rains in the next two days as a result of a tropical cyclone which is over Zimbabwe.
It says the cyclone will continue moving westwards until it reaches the central parts of Namibia.  
It indicates in its latest forecast yesterday that heavy rains are expected over the weekend in North-Western, Western and Southern provinces.
The report indicates heavy rains are also expected from Tuesday to Wednesday in Muchinga Province and some eastern districts of Central Province.
During  the next two days,  the  cyclone  will  continue  weakening  but will  be  inducing  moist  and unstable  Congo  airflow  over  the  western  half  of  Zambia  while  the  eastern  half  will  be covered  by  relatively  moist  and  stable  air flow  from  the  south-east.

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