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Boycotting prayers will not help opposition

Dear editor,
BOYCOTTING national prayers called by church leaders or even President Edgar Lungu will not help anyone gain mileage.
This day is not about any party winning the August 11 elections, but about the peace of our nation. Let me remind fellow Zambians that there are countries elsewhere which have embraced national prayers beyond partisan, religious and any other divides.
It is therefore of grave concern that some leaders in the opposition have elected to take their politics to matters that concern God. The attacks by UPND and their leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema on the call by church leaders to national day of prayer on July 24 should not just be perceived as a question of logical debate but goes to expose the absence of religious principles in their personal lives and the party they are in.
It is so saddening that some of the rich in our country seek to play politics with God by mocking calls to prayer. My advice to all those who have made it a habit to oppose calls to prayer is that; God is never mocked and the earlier they humble themselves the better for them and their aspirations if they desire to lead a nation whose God is the Lord.
Previously they gave an excuse of security threats, but what is it this time? What HH could have done is to acknowledge the need for prayers and tell the nation that he will pray from his house or with his party members. After all, Zambians are being asked to pray from their respective churches.
Let me end by advising political players in Zambia to remember that while they all have the right to freedom of expression, that right must be expressed in reverence for our Creator, God, who is Lord over Zambia.
Chambishi Mine township

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