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Boy, 16, jailed for assaulting DEC officer

LIVINGSTONE Magistrate Exnobert Zulu has recommended psychotherapy for a 16-year-old boy who assaulted two Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers who were on an operation pursuing drug traffickers in the city.
On Thursday, Mr Zulu sentenced Lawrence Bwalya of Dambwa Kashitu Township to four years imprisonment at the Katombora Reformatory School.
He directed for the boy’s counselling after he pleaded guilty to assaulting DEC officers and occasioning actual bodily harm.
The teenager assaulted DEC officer-in-charge Timmy Mutinta and Winwell Siazilo on August 2 this year.
“It is sad that you are being a menace to society and the harming officers is becoming fashionable. You want to be left to do your own thing. We cannot continue to allow this menace in society where people want to attack DEC officers, Zambia Police, Department of National Parks and Wildlife officers or any other law enforcement officers at will,” Magistrate Zulu said. CLICK TO READ MORE

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