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Bob Nkosha rebrands Metro Theatre

Bob Nkosha, through OK Cinema and Arts Management Company, has taken over the running of Metro Theatre, Lubambe Centre top floor in Kitwe. He intends to use it for various artistic activities.
The official opening of Metro will be on February 27 and 28 with the Bob and Dorika comedy show before following it up with Leonard Koloko’s play Love in the Genocide Circles which they intend to use to highlight the consequences of tribalism.
Otherwise, Metro is available for comedy, drama, music, school concerts, poetic and piano recitals and conferences and meetings.
Bob says they have decided to go private because theatre houses have been infiltrated by non-theatre people.
“The reason we have taken a route of going private is that we have grown tired of the politics in our various committee-run theatre clubs. There has been a lot of infiltration by non-theatre people who have taken over the running of these institutions, hence drama has slowly become an ‘endangered species’ in the theatre houses,” he argues.
“When did you last see a poster or banner for a play by NKAS, RADOS, CAS, MAC, Lowenthal, Venus or Lusaka Playhouse? All these clubs are doing, and very rarely, a maximum of two plays a year. The entire spaces have become beer halls let out to various businesses.
“[But] we have a dream to deliver non-stop entertainment for the art lovers in Kitwe and the Copperbelt. We currently got an artistic membership of 65 actors, dancers, poets, singers and comedians. Our approach is to train all artistes coming to join our club so that we are able to unleash clean entertainment. We have a youth programme which you may be seeing on the telly soon.”
He says theirs is to run theatre on a professional basis and since they have a seven-metre big screen, they intend to showcase Zambian, African and very rarely shown European and Asian movies.
“Our membership is growing…We will have, during the week, cinema and choral music on Wednesdays, showcasing various choirs within the Copperbelt,” he says.

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