Blood spilled in church

STONE-COLD criminals on Thursday broke into a church building and committed the most despicable sin imaginable when they killed a congregant, left one for dead and made away with television sets.In the dead of the night,the killers made way into the church building in Chalala and stabbed to death 58-year-old Rebecca Chongo and turned on Jane Soko, 35, whom they left unconscious during the heinous act.The two worshippers, of Omega Fire Ministries, had remained in the building after an all-night prayer session because they did not have means to go home after midnight.The murder is believed to have been committed between 02:30 and 05:00 hours but was only discovered around 11:00 hours by some church workers.Resident pastor of the more than 200 members, Potiphar Tembo, was devastated by the ungodly act.Pastor Tembo, who lives near building was among the eight member prayer team that meets  every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.“We are a prayer band orintercessors if you like. It is a department in the church which solely prays and we do so from 23:00 hours to 02:00 hours. We pray in the night because most of us work during the day,” the distraught and CLICK TO READ MORE

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