Letter to the Editor

Blocked Zesco meters at Chileshe flats

Dear editor,
I wish to bring to the attention of relevant authorities the fact that we as tenants of former National Hotels flats also known has Chileshe flats have the worst treatment and harassment from Zesco.

Zesco officers have paid us casual visits under the guise of verifying our meter numbers. We are, however, shocked that Zesco has decided to block some meters at the flats without warning.

As a result, some tenants at Chileshe flats are not able to purchase power units.
Everytime some tenants attempt to buy power they are told their meters bear wrong addresses and other inconsistencies.
What is more saddening is that the customer care staff are giving us different explanations for the anomaly.
Some customer care staff are saying the company is trying to clean up some illegal power connections in the system while others claim we never paid for the connection of power to the flats and, as such, we are expected to make new applications.
Zesco should help us by giving an official position on this matter as well as find a solution in the shortest time possible.
We are concerned with the slow pace at which Zesco is handling the complaints from tenants.
This has brought so much anguish among families at the flats who have gone for weeks now without power.
I am appealing to Zesco to treat this matter with the urgency it deserves.
Teddy Simwanza
Former National Hotels flats chairman


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