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Black Panther premiere goes afrochic

Fashion Trends with ANGELA CHISHIMBA
I WAS recently invited for an event whose dress code was Afro-chic, and at first, I wondered what this fashion entailed.The event was a premiere of the movie Black Panther at Monte Casino in Johannesburg.
As I tried to figure out what the dress code involved, I realised that there is no beauty like African beauty, and your style makes a statement about who you are.
I realised that as Aficans, we have a rich culture and attires that are unique to our continent.
To define Afrochic, this is a brand that combines expert knowledge of prints and design with a keen understanding of the young African to make clothes that get compliments in Africa and beyond.
Afrochic represents affordable style. When you settle for Afrochic, what you get is clothes with simple but classy designs which you can wear to work, special occasions or as everyday wear.
Each outfit is made to suit the unique tastes and lifestyle of the modern woman or the sophisticated man. You can be trendy or just a lover of African fabrics.
It was a night of glitz and glamour as invited guests at the Black Panther premiere, who included members of the cast, did justice to the dress code.
The premiere of Marvel’s Black Panther was a red carpet affair across multiple cinemas in South Africa, and attendees did not hold back in the fashion stakes.
Everyone was photo-ready before and after the movie, contributing to the colourful events across Africa.
Most of the outfits were simple but innovative, but the flashy and complicated ones were also spotted.
Lupita Nyong’o, a Kenyan actress based in the United States of America was spotted in a red long dress with long slits.
Taking her red carpet moments in a dazzling red outfit with golden encrust, Lupita looked jovial, more so at home in Johannesburg, South Africa.
She was accompanied by among others Danai Gurira, one of the lead actresses in the film.
And Gurira, the actress and playwright, looked every bit the part of a Wakandan warrior, in a dress that successfully balanced out the drama of a high-beaded collar with a simple, unpretentious form.
Gurira’s sparse selection of striking jewellery managed to hint at the theme of the night.
Have a blessed weekend.
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