Black Americans make homecoming

DIVERSITY Restoration Solutions (DRS) President for the African-American Home Coming Eric Sheppard (second left) with his vice and wife Lisa waving to the crowd that turned up at Limulunga palace to welcome them. PICTURE: ELIZABETH CHATUVELA

MONGU town in Western Province is usually a quiet place until the Kuomboka ceremony held sometime in April, which attracts thousands of people, but in the past couple of days, the town has come alive to something different, with a lot of novelty.
A group of 12 African-Americans arrived in the sandy town on Thursday to try and dig their ancestry roots, and the locals excited about it.
The wave of African Americans trying to discover their roots in Africa was first made popular in 2005 when Oprah Winfrey tried to trace her root in the continent.
The popular American talk show host, who first thought she was descended from the Zulu tribe of South Africa, underwent DNA testing in an effort to determine the genetic make-up of her body’s cells.
Since then, thousands of other African Americans, including famous artistes, have followed suit.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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