Bishop General blames rival

CONTROVERSIAL cleric John Numbwe, popularly known as Bishop John General, says his arrest on Friday was instigated by a fellow clergyperson who is jealous of his success.
Bishop Numbwe of Miracle Impact Ministries International, a church boasting of over 7,000 members, and tucked in the hinterland of the sprawling Matero township, narrated to his congregation yesterday that a fellow bishop of Garden township is the mastermind of the brush he had with the law.
On Friday, police arrested Bishop Nundwe, 46, and his wife Maureen Kakwende, also a pastor at the same church, and an accountant, Paul Kambazo, commonly known as Pastor Paul Fire, for allegedly stealing K70,000 in 2015 from a church member.
Preaching before a packed and frenzied church, bishop Nundwe said those who practise witchcraft and satanism are envious of success in spreading the word of God, hence framing him that he stole money from a church member.

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