Biogas comes in handy

A BIO digester plant provided by SNV is in Alice Nyeleti’s backyard.

ALICE Nyeleti, a dairy farmer of Chongwe without access to electricity, started using biogas energy almost three years ago.
“Every single day, I fill a cement sack with cow dung and feed the bio digester behind my house. I often have to mix the waste with four buckets of water because the water and waste should have a proportion of one to one, resembling the consistency of porridge, in something called a mixing tank,” she shares.
“After it flows into a bio digester dome that is buried underground, this technology captures methane gas excreted from the dung, which I use for cooking. Organic manure, referred to as bio slurry, also pours out from the digester into a dug-up pond, near my kraal.
“I tell all my friends about it and most people from my church come to my home just to watch me cook. I prefer cooking on a biogas stove to a charcoal brazier because there is no smell or smoke. The slurry produced also acts like a natural repellent which chases away any insects. It is rare to even see a mosquito or fly around here.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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