Big spenders become thrifty

CHILESHE has embarked on a project to erect a perimeter wall around his house after receiving the first instalment of his pension from Konkola Copper Mines (KCM). PICTURE: MATHEWS KABAMBA

HAVING earned themselves a bad reputation as reckless spenders whenever they have money, miners in Chingola are under the spotlight after they started receiving their separation packages from Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).
The mining firm, previously owned by the Indian mining giant Vedanta, has been unbundled into two units – KCM Smelter Company Limited and Konkola Resource Limited.
Consequently, all workers have been declared redundant before being re-engaged to work in the two units under new contracts.
Last month, the miners started receiving their separation packages, which will be paid in three instalments.
Among those who have served for more than two decades, some are set to take home well over K300,000 – a decent amount by their standards.
Since this news broke, miners have become the most sought-after individuals in the mining town. Banks, business houses, individual businesses and even commercial sex workers are positioning themselves to have a ‘share’ of the pension.
“Ba shi maini ebaliko [miners are the most happening people],” James Mulenga, a barberman in the central business district, tells me.
“If you want to see one, you can only find them at any of CLICK TO READ MORE

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