Beware of wolves in sheep clothing


WITCHCRAFT is slowly creeping into the church as some clergy and women are craving to perform miracles, Minister of National Guidance

and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili has observed.
Reverend Sumaili said some local and foreign clergy are taking advantage of people’s hunger to draw closer to God and are deceiving them.
“They are taking advantage of this hunger for God so they are coming from all over,” Rev Sumaili said.
“Some of them are witches but when they come to Zambia, they are pastors, that’s why we are seeing a lot of witchcraft being practised in the church.”
Rev Sumaili said this recently when she addressed members of the Mkushi Pastors Fellowship.
She said Zambia is witnessing preaching of ungodly doctrine contrary to the teachings of the Bible.
Rev Sumaili said it is sad that Zambian pastors are emulating witchcraft practices from some foreign pastors.
“You know it’s not biblical but you also want to get powers from these people.
“We have to open our eyes,” she warned.

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