Better usage will help save water

WATER is a resource that many in urban areas take for granted.

ON a sunny Saturday afternoon in Lusaka’s Rhodes Park residential area, Chomba Lemba, 16, decides to catch a movie with friends at the NuMetro Cinema. After a quick shower, he jumps out of the bathroom, but forgets to close the shower tap tightly, leaving the soft drips of water to continue falling until someone else comes into the bathroom.
As he walks out through the kitchen, his mother has the kitchen sink tap running in an attempt to quickly defrost a chicken. The tap will run for the next 20 minutes.
Outside the yard, the gardener is chatting with a group of other men from down the street. However, he has left the hosepipe connected to a sprinkler out on the lawn to ensure his work is still being done. It will run until his conversation with friends is over.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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