Letter to the Editor

Best way to heal is to confront your past

Dear editor,
THE abuser will always crave to be close to the prospective victim.
An abusive spouse will knock off early or make rampant calls to have access to abuse their half.
A child abuser would want to work in child rights or welfare organisations to have access to prospective victims.
Mostly, these people are victims of their own abuse.
They have failed to confront it and speak about it for healing.
Their ‘healing’ is in hurting other people.
The relationships with their colleagues at work are based on whether they like you ‘naturally’ or not if they do not, you are another target.
They do not believe that people can change.
If they judge that you are difficult, that’s it.
You will never change and never be forgiven.
Their own abuse is justified – revenge on the world.
The best way to heal is to confront your past.
Release it and ensure that you treat people from a human rights perspective.
They can read a book in five minutes and make drastic changes.
Like Apostle Paul, they can have a supernatural encounter and preach against the things they used to do.

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