Letter to the Editor

Benedict’s Sunday Mail column Game On very informative

Dear editor,
THE Sunday Mail column under the headline: Game On by the Zambia Daily Mail editorials editor, Benedict Tembo, is very informative regarding sports and other related issues.

Mr Tembo’s column, Game On highlights a number of sports disciplines such as soccer, boxing, netball, chess, athletics, badminton, to mention but a few. Apart from sports administration in Zambia in general, he also writes about sports legends, both living and those who have died.
These sports legends, both men and women, who have contributed immensely towards the development of sport in our country, inspire the current crop of sportsmen and sportswomen.
It is a known fact that not everyone in our current generation knows about the development of sports in our country, let alone some sports heroes and heroines.
Mr Tembo’s articles are well researched and very informative.
They provide sports enthusiasts the right information on Zambian sports in general.
Through such a column, we become well informed about various sports disciplines. Kudos to Mr Tembo for his informative Sunday Mail column: Game On.

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