Bell Equipment Zambia to invest in Chembe Bird Sanctuary

From ALEX NJOVU in Kitwe
KALULUSHI district commissioner Kampamba Mulenga says Bell Equipment Zambia Limited has expressed interest to invest in the development of Chembe Bird Sanctuary.
The Chembe Bird Sanctuary is an area of Miombo woodland and grassland covering about 450 hectares, situated around a small lake, famous for its varied birdlife.
Ms Mulenga said in an interview yesterday that Government is committed to developing Chembe Bird Sanctuary into a tourist destination.
She said Government is determined to work with the private sector to develop Chembe Bird Sanctuary.
“We have held meetings with Bell Equipment Zambia Limited and just last week they sent an official to the sanctuary to check on the area. We are just waiting for the official response from them, otherwise they have shown interest in investing in the area,” Ms Mulenga said.
She said Government plans to build a fence around Chembe Bird Sanctuary and to remove squatters from the reserve.
The Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) intends to take animals to the Chembe Bird Sanctuary once the area is fenced off.
“We want to secure the place first. We are determined to revamp Chembe Bird Sanctuary. Tourism is an important sector which plays an important role in the development of the country. Wealth and job opportunities are created through tourism,” Ms Mulenga said.
She said Government is concerned that thousands of birds have migrated from Kalulushi due to human activities.
“We want to remove all the squatters that are operating within the Chembe Bird Sanctuary. We want to bring in animals in the sanctuary.
“We are committed to developing the tourism sector and we are grateful to partners such as Bell Equipment for their positive contribution towards the development of the country. We need concerted efforts in the development of the country,” Ms Mulenga said.
She urged Zambians to take a keen interest in the development of the tourism sector.

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