Being Petersen Zagaze

PETERSEN performing at a corporate show. Picture right, Petersen says he has utmost respect for People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) leader Andyford Banda (right).

IN FEBRUARY this year, Petersen Zagaze, who is never far from controversy whether through song or postings on social media, found himself fighting (or more appropriately being fought) by the media.
His crime: he said local journalists are unlikely to offer you coverage if you do not offer them transport refund.
A campaign was waged on social media to black him out saying he had demeaned journalists with his utterances. Uncharacteristic of him, he was forced into a climb down and offered an apology to journalists.
But the #BlackOutPetersen campaign was unlikely to succeed in any case. It is difficult to ignore Petersen, whether he is speaking as a social activist or a musician or indeed as a politician; there is a lot of substance in him.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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