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Beer, violence drown Chazanga marriage

THE Matero local court has heard how a 37-year-old man of Chazanga township locks up his wife and their two children in the house while he

sleeps in his car whenever he is drunk.
Kaemba Mudai 29, told the court that Chibingu Kapata always beats her without reason and later looks her up in the house.
This in a case in which Mudai sued Kapata, her husband of 11 years, for divorce on grounds that he is violent. They got married in 2006 and bride price was paid.
“At one time, he got a knife and threatened to stab me. When I was pregnant for our second child, I was sick and got hospitalised and he never visited me.
“We later went to court were we were reconciled but my husband has still not changed. It is better for us to go separate ways so that one of us does not lose their life,” she said.
Mudai further told the court that her husband is a perpetual drunkard who does not even take care of their children.
She told the court that Kapata has on several occasions sent his family to plead on his behalf.
But Kapata told the court that Mudai’s mother has been the source of problems in their marriage.
He told the court that his mother-in-law always tells him that they do not respect marriages in their family.
In his submissions, Kapata told the court that he still loves his wife and that a divorce is not a good idea.
In passing judgement the court granted divorce and ordered Kapata to compensate Mudai with K 10,000 with effect from august 30 and K400 child maintenance.

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