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Becoming doctor my dream


MARTHA Mwanza, 15, is driven to become a doctor because she feels she has a caring heart relates with patients and other people well.

She is a Grade Seven pupil at Needs Care Community School in Ng’ombe township.
Martha who has been raised by her mother, said she wants to her mother to live a better life in future.
The first in a family of five, Martha said she wants to pay her mother back for the sacrifice she has made for her.
“I always pray to God for direction and to be the light of my path, I put everything in his hands because I cannot become who I want without his mercy and love,” she said.
Martha, who is an avid believer of the Pentecostal Holiness church, studies very hard every day so that she improves her academic performance in class.
Her favourite subjects are English, science, social and developmental studies, creative and technological studies and home economics.
“Education is the key to success and I am guaranteed of a better future once I am educated I work hard at school because I don’t want to live a life of poverty. I also want to help my younger siblings by paying for their school fees,” Martha said with a smile.
When at home, she helps her mother do house chores after which she gets a book to study and do homework. In her free time, Martha plays netball as it helps to keep her fit.
She has advised her fellow young people to work hard and respect their parents if they are to succeed in life.
Martha believes that education provides one with better opportunities in life sharpens one’s understanding of various issues in life.


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