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Be proud of your good values

Good values may be wrongly perceived as backwardness or self-deprivation of the joy of life especially at the youthful stage. Some of the youths who come from families that uphold good values get involved into deviant behaviours as way of coping up with the pressure exerted upon them by their peers.  Youths who uphold good values even after being exposed to their peers with contrary lifestyles should be applauded for their ability to make independent decisions in the midst of intense pressure.
Like I said in one of the columns, some of the youths are involved in deviant behaviours, against their conscience because of the deeply imbedded good values that act as a restraining force. However, they choose to ignore and act contrary to their internal campus for life in order to win a sense of belonging or being appreciated. It should be noted that you may never meet some of your friends after the circumstance that brought you together is over. I have not meet some of the old close friends for more than thirty years. Though I meet old friends sometimes the intensity of intimacy is no longer as it used to be. However, at times friend may live indelible marks that may remain a thorn in the flesh.
Remember deviation from good values may not only lead to deviant behaviours but it is also a deviation from your golden treasures of life. Upholding good values is choice to focus on the ultimate price and restraining from trivial benefit that may seem attractive yet are insignificant.
Proverbs 1:10 says, “My son, if sinners entice you, do not give in to them.” The quotation acknowledge that youth are sometimes pressurised to act contrary to their long upheld good values. By using the word entice means sinners make their evils acts attractive and beneficial such that youths are compelled to judge them as right way of living. In other ways they make youths undermine good value and buy into their idea. The quotation encourages youths to be proud of their good values so that no matter how attractive evil idea may seem to be they should never indulge in it.
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