Ban scrap metal exports, ZRA urged

A LOCAL manufacturer has urged the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to ban scrap metal exports to help grow the local metal processing industry and enhance job creation in Zambia.
Zalco Limited spokesperson Phillimon Chulu said scrap metal being smuggled out of Zambia is contravening the law banning the export of unprocessed scrap metal.
Zalco Limited is a Kabwe-based manufacturing company, which prior to the ban used to export scrap metal to South Africa while conducting value addition activities at lower scale. But the company has now embarked on large-scale processing of the same materials, especially non-ferrous metals.
“We felt the ban brought more benefits to the growth of our sector and as such we are proud to continue benefiting from locally sourced materials and create more jobs through diversification of more processing activities,” Mr Chulu said.
He said there is need to curb the vice if positive economy results are to be attained in the industry.
Mr Chulu said if unchecked, the issue has the potential to stifle the growth and survival of the local metal processing industry in Zambia.
“Zalco is deeply saddened with the continued smuggling of the much needed raw materials, especially from the Copperbelt Province and other areas on the pretext of coming to Lusaka for resale when in fact it was going out of Zambia. We are ready to provide ZRA with details of the movement of the smuggled scrap metal,” he said.
Mr Chulu urged the tax authorities to assist the sector by introducing measures that will protection the smuggling of scrap metal and in turn support the development of the local economy.
He further said the issue has been brought to the attention of ZRA, the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, the Inspector-General of Police and the chairperson of the Scrap Metal Dealers Association however, the smuggling has continued.

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