Ban importation of second-hand underwear

ZAMBIA National Men’s Network for Gender and Development has called on Government to ban the importation of second hand underwear alleging that it has potential to spread sexually transmitted infections to women and girls. National coordinator Nelson Banda said second-hand underwear have the potential of passing on sexually transmitted infections such as typhus, gonorrhea, syphilis, ringworm and yeast. “On almost every street in the central business district of Lusaka and other parts of the country you will find traders selling the second-hand under-wear,” he said. Mr Banda said Zambians should not be subjected to wearing second-hand underwear that has been disposed by people in other countries. He said Zambia Revenue Authority, Zambia Bureau of Standards, the Ministry of Health and departments of Public Health in all local authorities should work together and stop the importation of second-hand underwear. “We do agree that the cost of underwear in Zambia is high and this forces people to buy the products from the streets,” Mr Banda said. He, however, said government should intervene and ensure the cost of underwear reduces to allow people to buy new undergarments. Mr Banda said reducing the prices of underwear will CLICK TO READ MORE

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