Letter to the Editor

Ban importation of mechanically de-boned meat

Dear editor,
THE situation we have in our beloved country is worrying.
Some big boys in the beef industry are importing and using mechanically de-boned meat (DMD) in their production.
Most small scalers are making sausages using it as well. There is a bunch of traders who import the stuff as well from South Africa.
This is going into the informal sector,
Our borders must be as tight as a mosquito screen can hold water.
The livestock producers should organise themselves and stand up against the way our nation is being fed.
Our supermarket chains are busy importing meat products which contain MDM.
Can they be stopped?
Yes, the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock’s Department of Veterinary Service should ban the importation of MDM due to sanitary concerns regarding production, distribution and usage.
MDM has alarming effects on human health.
Its importation should be stopped now.

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