Letter to the Editor

Bad work attitude of Puma fuel attendants

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to express my disappointment with the work attitude of fuel attendants at Puma filling station at Arcades.
Every time I have visited the filling station I have spent more time than expected, not

because there are so many motorists refuelling, but because the fuel attendants have no sense of serving customers with urgency.
They are always dragging their feet to attend to customers.
What they need to know is that when motorists stop by to refuel, it does not mean they have nothing else to do.
In some instances people are rushing for work, meetings or indeed to attend to any other important matter.
I almost decided that I will never refuel from Puma again, but I thought management may not be aware of their employees’ behaviour.
I am therefore appealing to Puma management to train their fuel attendants on how to serve customers efficiently and effectively if they are serious about staying in business.


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