Letter to the Editor

Automatic upgrade: Where are teacher unions?

Dear editor,
IN 2015 the civil service sat at the negotiating table with Government and came up with the 2015 white paper.

The white paper had many good things which the average worker has not enjoyed. Allow me to raise an issue that has not been implemented from the 2015 collective bargaining. It’s the automatic upgrade which has not worked for numerous civil servants especially teachers who have upgraded through credits or loan schemes and are now nursing the hardships of having studied to contribute effectively to the development of this country.
The unions and Government are mute on the issue of upgrading the staff automatically and what is demotivating is to see a young star graduating and is employed as a graduate while senior members of staff with experience are underpaid on old qualifications, expired qualifications.
What are you doing on the issue of automatic upgrades ZNUT, BETUZ and SESTUZ where are you?

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