Letter to the Editor

Authorities should shoot stray dogs in townships

Dear editor,
I AM deeply concerned about stray dogs in our townships which are harassing people.
In shanty compounds dogs are not monitored and are posing a danger to passers-by.
What is even more worrying is that most of these dogs are not vaccinated and can cause rabies.
Since owners have proved negligent in taking care of these dogs, Government should move in to create sanity and safeguard the lives of people.
The local authorities have a mandate to register dogs according to the provisions of the control of Dog Act 247 of Laws of Zambia.
In shanty compounds dog owners rarely register their dogs and yet they keep so many. Government should embark on an awareness campaign to sensitise dog owners on how to take care of their dogs to avoid them being a nuisance or danger to the public.
For those who fail to comply, the local authorities should move in and eliminate the pets. Going forward, authorities should start issuing tags as a form of identification for dogs which have been vaccinated.
Dog owners should ensure that they regularly take their pets to the veterinary departments around the country to ensure they are healthy.
This in turn reduces the risk of spreading diseases to humans around them.

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