‘Attacks on judiciary will not be tolerated’

Given Lubinda

MINISTER of Justice Given Lubinda says Government is dismayed by the unwarranted attacks on the judiciary because it is an affront to the dispensation of justice in the country.
Mr Lubinda said at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that courts are there for the rights of all citizens and that the judiciary should be respected by everyone regardless of political affiliation.
The minister noted that if decorum and restraint is not exercised, it could cause create anarchy.
He urged political party leaders to respect the judiciary.
“As Government, we are condemning the unwarranted attacks on the judiciary. I want to express dismay at the riot which was as a result of physical altercation between the police and political cadres who wanted to enter a court that was hearing a chamber matter,” Mr Lubinda said.
He said cadres clad in political party regalia will not be allowed near court premises and that only those will who follow these instructions will be allowed outside the court premises.
“As you may be aware, my colleague the Minister of Home Affairs has indicated that those who want to go and show solidarity should do so without being dressed in political party regalia. And this applies to all political parties including the Patriotic Front,” Mr Lubinda said.
He said the judiciary including judges should not be intimidated by anyone and he is confident that the judiciary is mature enough to make whatever decision it deems right.
Mr Lubinda said there is an increasing trend of attacking the judiciary whenever decisions of the court do not favour some people but that this is not right as only the judiciary can dispense justice in the country.

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