Letter to the Editor

Atlas Mara upgrade: For better or worse?

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to air my displeasure with Atlas Mara’s services.

With the merging of Finance Bank and BancABC to form Atlas Mara, the institution’s services leave much to be desired. The institution, which we appreciate is upgrading its system, has deteriorated in its service delivery as the network is often down, thereby inconveniencing clients.
Failure to access funds via visa is slowly becoming the order of the day, with weekends being the most hectic times. Reversal of failed transactions, which are being made due to their poor network banking system, is another nightmare one would never want to find themselves in.
Out of the many failed transactions I have experienced with Finance Bank – Atlas Mara – I will give an example of the most recent one. I fell prey to two failed transactions over the weekend, which were due to lack of network from Atlas Mara as I was using another bank’s visa ATM and in another transaction, it was on an Atlas Mara ATM.
This case was reported on Monday, but to date, no reversal has been made. Worse still, whilst at the bank, I met other clients who equally had failed transactions, which have not been reversed for over a week.
Atlas Mara, please quicken your system upgrade and provide the good services you have always been known for. You are really inconveniencing us.

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