Artistes share their aspirations after a difficult 2020

THERE were no musical shows staged for the public last year because of the novel coronavirus

YOU can count the number of musical events that took place on the local front last year using fingers on one hand. That is how bad 2020 was.
Yes, there was the Kopala Experience headlined by the Copperbelt duo Chanda Na Kay, launch of Kalandanya Music Promotions, One Love Reggae Music Festival and the Danny Kaya Musical Festival.
Albums releases were few. The major ones were by the likes of Jay Rox, Esther Chungu, Ephraim, Yung Verbal, Killa Beats, DJ VJeezy, Krytic and Slap D.
Usual events which have become routine such as Mosi Day of Thunder, Oktoberfest and Stanbic Music Festival are not to even be talked about.
But it is a new year and there are new hopes even though the start has not been positive with the coronavirus still wreaking havoc.
Musician Mathew Tembo is promising his fans a new album in June which is being produced at Mount Royal in the United States of America.
But before that he will release a video for a love song in February on Valentine’s Day called Tizita. It is being produced by Frank Sibbuku.
“I wanted to release my album earlier but I am here [in Zambia] and the producer is in the USA, so it is very hard for us to work it out because we CLICK TO READ MORE

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