‘Arrest woman abusing girl with alcohol’

A WOMAN of Lusaka is on the verge of facing the law after videos and pictures of her allegedly administering alcohol to a child were widely circulated on social media. The woman identified as Natasha Shindano, a vlogger popularly known as Mrs Kennedy, is filmed giving a named beer to a child aged between two and four. Ms Shindano has since apologised for her action and has promised to stop posting any offending material on her platform. Police deputy spokesperson Dany Mwale said in a statement yesterday that investigations in the matter have been instituted. Mr Mwale said footage in the video indicates that the child is in need of care. Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Permanent Secretary Howard Sikwela said it is wrong for a parent or guardian to abuse a child in such a manner. “It is wrong for parents or indeed elderly women to abuse their own children in whatever form, whether physically, mentally, psychologically or spiritually. “But at the same time, as a ministry, we see that as a symptom. We need to go deeper to the root cause, to find out why a parent would CLICK TO READ MORE

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