Letter to the Editor

Apply certificate verification to all

Dear editor,
IT IS enlightening that the recent official registration of all teachers has exposed those with fake qualifications.

There’s nothing as unfair as going to college or university to spend three to five years, join the government, and then end up reporting to a director, who can hardly write a memo and worse still, get paid less money than somebody who doesn’t even have the qualifications needed for the particular job he is doing.
I think the government should seriously consider official registration of all civil servants because there are a lot of people in Government, some holding very senior positions, but have questionable qualifications.
How do you explain the fact that somebody holding a very senior professional agricultural position has never studied any agricultural science at degree level?
Can you expect proper output from such a person? It is the same even in the medical field. This is especially true for people trained in China, Russia, Korea and Cuba.
I would like to suggest that official registrations should start with the bigger and important ministries of Health and Agriculture to rid them of “bosses” with questionable qualifications and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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