Letter to the Editor

Appeal to Chongwe Mayor/MP

Dear editor,
THE state of roads in SilverRest, an area that was opened up for residential development in 2010, is deplorable.
In the rainy season, the situation is worse as most of the roads become virtually impassible.
Our appeal to the Chongwe Member of Parliament (MP) Japhen Mwakalombe and Chongwe Mayor Geoffrey Chumbwe is for them to facilitate road development in our area.
We are aware that Chongwe district has been allocated funding for tarring of 20 km of road network.
Consider spreading this development to SilverRest. If we can have at least the three main roads tarred, we would appreciate.
Besides the lack of tarred roads, we are not connected to Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC).
The size of the area surely makes business sense for LWSC to provide water and sanitation services i.e. it is commercially viable for them to do so.
The other issue is that the land which was earmarked for social facilities such as a clinic, market and police post has been re-allocated.
Where are we going to have these facilities important built?
Please, look into our plight.
SilverRest, Chongwe

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