Apex University embarks on medical research

THE Lusaka Apex University.

THE Lusaka Apex University will soon embark on a scientific research to identify trees from which medicine will be extracted.

University chairperson Tackson Lambert says the research will be conducted by the university’s research department.
Professor Lambert said in an interview on Monday that the research will involve identifying and purifying the active medicinal ingredients in trees which will later be moved to a botanical forest in Rufunsa district for preservation.
“There are many trees which have medicinal value in Zambia but no research has been conducted to ascertain how best the medicine from these trees works, and the actual dosage one needs to take to cure an ailment.
“This is why we want to conduct a research that will lead to producing medicine from trees with a correct and safe dosage,” Prof Lambert, who is former University Teaching Hospitals, managing director, said.
He said the research will complement Government’s efforts in reducing the disease burden in the country.
“Quinine was produced from trees and it helped to cure a lot of malaria cases. There are many anti-cancer drugs that have also been discovered from trees.
“We believe our research will help find trees from which we can produce antibiotics, anti-malaria and anti-hypertension drugs which will help address the disease burden among our people,” Prof Lambert said.
He said the university has already identified partners who will provide funds for the research.
Prof Lambert said provincial centres have expressed willingness to allow the university to use trees of medicinal value in their locations.
“We believe the outcome of the research will help Zambia and the entire Southern Africa to produce drugs which will cure several diseases,” he said.

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