Another Danny production

PROFILE: DANNY Kaya rolled out hits like Njelela, As long As, Wambikila Umuti, Yakumbuyo, Joni, Kaya and Live. PICTURE: SHIKANDA KAWANGA

DANNY Kaya has launched a music label called Phantom Music Records, which he intends to help to promote some rough diamonds.
He announced the launch of the music label live on Facebook.
“This is an idea that popped up some time back,” he said. “I thought I’ve grown in this music industry, over 20 years. There comes a time in life when you need to start sharing so much knowledge and wealth especially if you see that you can help, that’s how the dream came up.
“The way God works in his own mighty ways, I came across a friend from way back, a very good man who has always had a passion and dream for Zambian music. That dream we always used to speak about 18 years ago and he said ‘you have the wealth how can I come in as a partner we go in and we see what happens’.
“So to me, it was a blessing cause now I have the time, the chance and everything that is required to nurture [talent] and that’s how Phantom Music Records was born, it’s here to promote music, it’s here for me to do a lot of what I believe I’ve done and try and let the young ones download from this saver.”
Danny says the birth of Phantom Music is the beginning of a new chapter but it does not in any way mean that he has stopped performing.
He says he will only tone down although he will have a new single coming soon.
Danny says he is aiming to do a lot of international collaborations as they are in talks with foreign artistes.
He says the objective of the label is to make sure there is a smooth transition between the older and new artistes in order to improve the industry.
“The purpose for the music label is to unearth new talent and promote it,” the Kaya singer says. “Our objective is to make sure there’s a smooth transition between older artistes and the new. This will improve the industry.
“Secondly it’s to create links with other African countries by doing collaborations.”
Danny, who early on his career started performing live when it was not fashionable to do so especially for emerging artistes, says he will groom artistes who are comfortable to perform with a live band on stage.
“The difference that we will bring is that our artists will be groomed with live performances in mind,” he said. “We look forward to a way we do a concert and everyone delivers a great live performance. Passion, drive, purpose, hardwork, smart work, progress, success, that is what we are about and that is the only standard we accept.”

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