Another Chembo single

AFTER spending the first quarter of the year making her screen debut in the local telenovela Zuba, artiste Chembo has released her first single of the year titled Marry You.
This is a song written by Chembo, produced by Nigerian, Tey Chaplin and co-produced by Shinko Beats.
“This song is simply expressing desire for someone to the point of wanting to share the rest of my earthly years with them,” Chembo says about the new single.
She says marriage is held in high esteem in all cultures across the world and the song is her way of normalising herself, by desiring such a beautiful and respected tradition.
The single is currently only available via purchase on the website Mvesesani.
Chembo has been recording for a little over a month now, recording new music with different producers to make sure her upcoming project is convincing.
“I am working with a lot of people this time and feel like the timing is good to have a full project. So I’m just pacing myself and picking different instrumentalists,” she says.
Through her acting role, playing the character Suwi, in Zuba, which aired on DStv’s Zambezi Magic channel for its first season, she is striving to bring credibility to the film industry in Zambia.
Chembo has a BA with Honours from the University of South Wales, UK and a background in theatre.
“Part of my work in the past has been in directing, now I am an actor. I know to people I am new but when I graduated from university I did some directing and a lot of theatre,” she says.
Through Zuba, Chembo has come to learn just how powerful screen is and since the show began airing, can hardly go anywhere without being stopped.
“I think it’s very awkward for me because I think they are expecting something. I guess my character was strong enough for people to think I am the same person in real life,” Chembo shares.
Overall, the acting is a positive experience for her and she is overwhelmed by the support of her fans especially teenagers.
Some of Chembo’s past singles include Tightrope and Hey Mama which was playlisted on BBC Radio Wales.
In late 2016, she released the EP Love VS Reality.

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