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Another chance to market Zambia’s tourism

THE launch of a flight between Cape Town and Livingstone by Kenya Airways is a boost to the tourism sector and a true collaboration that further cements relations between Kenya and Zambia.
The flights between South Africa and Zambia will give an opportunity to tourists to visit places of interest in both countries.
But much more so for Zambia, whose tourism figures need a boost.
Kenya Airways has launched a flight to Cape Town via Livingstone, Zambia’s tourism capital.
The flight will run three times a week and this means some increased tourism benefits for Zambia.
With this corridor now open, it means Zambia stands in the middle, placing it between two tourist destination giants. In this position, it is likely to get tourists from the East and the South.
Livingstone, or Zambia in general, further comes into a position where it will likely receive visitors from Europe who fly from there directly to Cape Town.
From the East, tourists who visit that part of the continent are bound to extend their tours to Zambia as well while those who visit the Southern part of Africa would likely visit Livingstone also.
There have been efforts at increasing the number of tourist arrivals into the country and this can be seen from the steadily increasing numbers despite some setbacks once in a while.
The growth in numbers comes from the realisation that tourism has the potential to increase income earnings for the country through visits by foreigners.
An influx of foreigners entails that they will spend finances on services like hotel accommodation, food and transport, all which end up in the nation’s coffers.
For some countries like Kenya and South Africa, tourism contributes a significant amount of funds to their national budgets and this is what we want to see in Zambia as well.
It is for this reason that we are happy that there is such a collaboration among some of Africa’s tourism giants.
Zambia makes a perfect tourism destination because it is endowed with numerous tourist attractions.
Apart from the world’s renowned Victoria Falls, there are other smaller falls that are a wonder to see.
National parks teeming with wildlife are the other aspects of tourism that visitors want to see.
With all these attractions, there is need to improve service delivery and give tourists an experience they will never forget.
Anyone who is spending money wants to see that their spending is worth it.
This calls for hotel accommodation that meets tourist visitors’ expectations so that they can come back again and again.
Most of our roads are undergoing rehabilitation so that destinations are within easy reach and this is commendable. But where roads still remain in a poor state, we urge Government to consider moving in so that accessibility improves.
Zambia’s stable political environment is an advantage to attracting tourist visits.
These are some of the factors that those who market the country have to present to the outside world and make our country attractive to tourists.
Marketing plays a vital role in attracting tourists. Those outside the country first have to know what the country offers before they can make up their minds to come.
It is therefore important that Government and the private sector work together to market Zambia’s tourism abroad so that, for example, the world knows that the Victoria Falls, for the most part, lies in Zambia and visitors come here.
The Zambia Tourism Agency should take the lead in marketing Zambia’s tourism potentials so that the outside world sees what the country has to offer.
We need to earn more income from tourism and create more jobs for Zambians, given the numerous tourist attractions and the potential to do so abounds.

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