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Ambitious ‘lawyer’ Margaret


Young & Ambitious:
MARGARET Mutale Chanda, 15, of Musonda Girls Technical School in Mwense district, Luapula Province, wants to become a lawyer after completing her

secondary education.
From her grammar and eloquence in the queen’s language, one can be convinced she is on her way to achieving her dream.
She is doing her Grade 11 and, going by her academic performance, Margaret is in the ranks of the topflight pupils.
She is good at debating, English, additional mathematics, pure sciences, biology and civic education.
Margaret says she puts in her best to get the best grades in all the subjects because her belief is that she will make a good lawyer if she is good in all subjects.
“A lawyer must be good in maths, sciences, civic education and every subject that is offered on this earth. The subjects we learn in school prepare us for future eventualities,” she said.
Unlike some girls who think they can use their beauty to get what they want in life, Margaret believes she needs both the brains and beauty if she has to make it in life.
Margaret says during her free time, she reads a lot of books and enjoys cooking.
She says she puts in her best during debates whilst bearing in mind that whatever the teachers task her to do, it is for her own good.
She says she also likes swimming because it helps her to keep fit and be in shape.
Margaret says both her parents support her morally and with school issues, although they are divorced.
She comes from a family of three girls and one boy.
Being the first-born in the family, Margaret wants to set high academic standards for the family.

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