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Alphen: Engineering my passion

ALPHEN Sibanda.

Young & Ambitious: MIKE MUGALA, Lusaka
INSPIRED by Carlos Slim, a Mexican engineer, 17-year-old Alphen Sibanda is determined to be part of the men and women who design, construct and maintain both private and public infrastructure.
Alphen, a grade 12 pupil at Libala secondary school dreams of taking up civil engineering as a life time career.
“Since I was a child, my dream has been to become an engineer. I want to transform our country by designing and building improved infrastructure. I love the way Carlos Slim designs bridges and I would love to be like him,” he said with a smile.
Second in a family of five, Alphen on the other hand is determined to uplift the standard of living of his family by assisting his siblings.
He works hard at school and does not live anything to chance. In his free time, he does a lot of research on information relating to his area of interest.
“Education is the key to success and I have no excuse but concentrate on school work as it is the only way I can get good grades that will accord me entry at the University of Zambia or Copperbelt University,” he said.
Alphen, who is also chief researcher of the debate club, desires to visit the United Kingdom to explore the tourism sector of that country.
He enjoys going out and reads a lot of books. His favorite subjects include Literature, Chemistry, Physics and Art. Alphen enjoys Nshima with beans.
Alphen has advised fellow young people not to indulge in illicit behaviour as it is costly to their future.
“You only enjoy sweet when you sweat, nothing good comes easily. Young people should not relax when it comes to issues of education as it is cardinal to the development of this country,” he said.

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